Deal Breastfeeding Support Group

Grand parents can play a crucial role, as they may be around more during the daytime, in particular if your partner is at work. It would have been a while since the grand parents fed their children and they may also have been bottle not breastfed, so might need some guidance on how to help you. It may be helpful to research breastfeeding, as what may have been known in the last 30 years +, will almost certainly be different now. Finding out how your breasts make milk and how to help you latch the baby on, can build a new level of understanding for you, your baby and the grand parents. If there is a particular person who you would like to learn more about breastfeeding with, then take them to a breastfeeding workshop (run by your antenatal team) or to your local breastfeeding support group. If you live in the Deal and Dover district or even if you are visiting the area, you are very welcome to come to the Deal Breastfeeding Support Group on Mondays at St Georges Church. We have lots of information in leaflets and books for you to read. You will also see very quickly that breastfeeding can be and is natural, as the mothers at these groups feed their babies. Mums, dads, bumps, babies, friends and grand parents are most welcome!
For some information leaflets, for you and to share with your friends and family, click on the links below:

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